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After eight years of teaching mathematics and logistics, I earned my MBA from Wake Forest University in 2010. Through my education and experiences as a teacher and entrepreneur, I gained a set of skills that enable me to assist law firms and other professional organizations in operating more efficiently. In order for my companies to remain competitive, I stay updated with a wide range of applications and cloud-based solutions. When you schedule a FREE consultation with me, you will experience just how passionate I am about helping YOU through the various transitions facing your organization.

In 2011, I formed Firm Transitions, LLC. It is uniquely positioned to assist law firms in addressing the transitions they face. Then in 2013, recognizing the need to enhance our technology division, I formed MBizTools, LLC. Through this company, we help clients through the integration and development of cloud-based software applications and provide them with a number of specific solutions including MBizCard, MBizFone, MBizLeads, MBizSites, and MBizSMS. You can learn more about these tools by watching the videos below or clicking on their names above.

As a former teacher, I enjoy educating professionals through the form of public speaking at conferences and special presentations for organizations and their staff or management team. The topics I cover the most are:

  • "Smartphone = Business Tool,"
  • "Piecing Together Your Branding Puzzle,"
  • "Automation Made Simple,"
  • "Optimizing Google,"
  • "Healthy You Leads to Healthy Business."

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and playing golf. As a former USA Triathlon Certified Coach, I still enjoy going out for the occasional swim, bike, and run.

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